Lumen is always willing to receive CV’s from talented individuals around the globe. We specialise in the communication of science, culture and heritage, so if you are interested in the world, a good listener and a good conceptual thinker, then you will enjoy working within Lumen’s creative, open and challenging environment.


Is your true genius going to waste? Developers at Lumen need to have a broad range of experience with languages and environments such as: Python, C++, OpenCV, OpenGL, OpenAL, GLSL and other shader languages.

Our developers also have:

  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Experience with tactile user interfaces, cameras, projectors and electronics
  • Strong aesthetic sensibilities
  • The ability to provide technical direction to designers and animators

If you have some (or all) of the listed experience and attributes then email your CV to

Senior Designer

Designers at Lumen need to have a very broad skill set and a willingness to learn new technologies.

Are you a designer with:

  • Strong user interaction design skills
  • An attention to detail (a true craftsperson)
  • The ability to solve communication problems within a defined set of technical parameters
  • Experience with motion graphics and video production software
  • The ability to build and animate own 3D models

If you can put a tick besides some (or all) of these boxes then email your CV to