Lumen’s projects are a combination of great ideas, smart design and amazing technology blended into a complete, cohesive package. We offer our clients a full range of exhibit production services; from concept and content development through to interior and graphic design, interactive media, animation and films. We also undertake the management of fabrication and installation.

Concept and Content Development

Lumen is a recognised world leader in the delivery of scientific, ecological, and cultural information. We strive to become subject matter experts and have worked with many of the worlds leading scientists to condense complex concepts into concise, understandable exhibit components.

We work with our clients to help define their audience and create high level concepts and impressive presentations to convey the projects vision to stakeholders and potential funders.

Experience Design

Lumen creates theatrical experiences and game-like activities that still retain a sense of authority and authenticity. Our experiences are not theme park attractions (but they may cause a visitor to feel they have taken a self directed rollercoaster ride through the content). Alternatively we can create experiences that foster calm and contemplative exploration.

Lumen creates experiences that cause the casual browser to quickly become a researcher, perhaps without even realising it. The visitor is able to intuitively follow threads of information without becoming lost or overwhelmed by the amount of content available.

Interactive Media

Lumen is most recognized for our high quality interactive creations that include multiuser interactive tables and floors, touch-screen kiosks, and advanced multiuser games with physical controls:

Lumen’s interactive systems include:

  • Multi-touch /  multiuser Interactive floors, tables and walls
  • Interactive simulations
  • Touch screen kiosks and  games
  • Custom computer interfaces
  • Augmented reality
  • Large scale multi-projection and multi-screen systems

Where ever possible we design solutions that don’t require heavy technological infrastructure as buildings can become museums for the technology contained inside.

The technology should never become the main feature; effective delivery of the content and the creation of compelling experiences should always be the key objectives.


We have expert in house animation skills that we can apply to a range of subject matter:

  • Historical recreations
  • Scientific visualisations
  • Myths and Legends
  • Motion Graphics

Film and  Production

Lumen offers a full range of film and documentary production services including:

  • Sourcing and editing of historical footage
  • Footage shooting (location/studio)
  • Digital compositing
  • Voiceover recording and sound production