Interactive Table | Melbourne Museum | 2010

Design | Animation | Software Development

Seismically active locations trigger earthquakes that appear to distort the physical terrain model. The large areas of Victoria that contain gold deposits can be also be discovered.
Lumen created 7 fully animated geological recreations and an additional 22 high quality content items for the interactive.
The interactive enables the visitor to look back in time from the present day to the formation of some important Victorian geological landmarks and fossil localities in their original setting. The interactive acts as an enticement to enter and explore the exhibition and brings together much of the information located at specific time points throughout the exhibition.
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600 Million Years

  • Exhibit Components
  • Interactive Tables
  • Multitouch
  • Multiuser
  • Projection Mapping

The brief was to provide a fun and engaging way of accessing information about the evolution of Victoria’s familiar and iconic landscape features and animals.
Lumen created an interactive physical terrain model of Victoria that is covered with a perfectly matched projected image. The ocean areas are filled with interactive water that responds naturally to the visitor’s touch. The oceans recede to reveal the land-bridge that once connect mainland Australia to Tasmania. Clouds float over the landscape that react naturally to the waving of the visitor’s hands.