Tourism Australia | 2007

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The result is a robust tabletop interactive, designed to accommodate a large number of simultaneous users without inhibiting the visitor flow into the trade exhibit. The visitors used the table to find answers to a quiz and to paint aboriginal designs across the Australian landscape. The visitor could also exercise their musical talents by using their hand motions to generate synthesized didgeridoo sounds.
It was estimated that an average of 30 people per minute used the table during the 3 day event.

Australian World Heritage Sites

  • Exhibit Components
  • Interactive Tables
  • Multitouch
  • Multiuser

Lumen was challenged by Tourism Australia to create a multi-user experience that profiled Australia’s 16 world heritage sites at the JATA World Tourism Congress & Travel Fair.
Developing a technology based exhibition for the tech savvy Japanese audience was a daunting proposition, but this concept proved to be extremely successful. The concept catered to the Japanese love of quizzes and transcended the technology by providing the user with a sense of play and magic.