Between the Flags – 100 years of Surf Life Saving Exhibition | 2010

Design | Software Development

The challenge is to navigate the IRB through the surf to locate and rescue a swimmer in trouble (the patient).
The player uses a physical tiller and throttle to get along side the patient at a time when a crew member
(spotter) can lean out and haul the patient into the IRB.
The game play is largely dictated by the simulation of shallow water waves and wind acting against the IRB. The
IRB realistically bumps and jumps over the waves. Applying too much throttle may cause the IRB to flip, or to hit
or overshoot the patient. Applying too little throttle may cause the IRB to be washed backwards and overturn.
The challenge is successfully completed after the spotter pulls the patient from the water and the player
delivers them back to shore.

IRB Rescue Challenge

  • Educational Games
  • Exhibit Components

The travelling ‘Between the Flags’ exhibition celebrates a century of dedication and leadership of New Zealand’s
surf life saving volunteers.
Lumen created the software for the IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) Challenge, where visitors can
experience the thrill and difficulty of performing a surf rescue.