Melbourne Museum | 2009

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The interactive is divided into four sections; each highlighting the different challenges faced by migratory shore birds during their journey. Each section also provides key facts about the birds and their habits.
Multiple visitors can dig in the virtual sand to help guide their bird to food and insure it has enough energy to make the journey across the globe before the feeding season ends.
The visitors then follow the bird’s migratory path to discover where their various stopover locations are. Once the birds arrive in the melting snows of the Siberian Tundra the visitors must help them find a mate before the weather become colder and it is time to return to Victoria.
This interactive tells an important story using game-like activities that can be enjoyed and understood by visitors of all ages.
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Victoria’s Wetlands

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Lumen was challenged by Museum Victoria to create a large multiuser interactive table that illustrates the connections between the Victorian Wetlands to other ecological sites around the globe. The story is told through the Red Necked Stint a shore bird the size of a sparrow and its amazing 12,500 km migratory journey from the bottom of Australia to the Siberian Tundra and back again each year.