Auckland Maritime Museum | 2009

Design | Software Development

The crew members can be seen performing various tasks related to their position on the yacht. When a crew member is centralized in the visitors view the members name and the position they occupy on the yacht are displayed.
The real-time 3D crewmembers are composited into the video feed using a shader that introduces video noise, motion blur, and reduces the chrominance resolution of the virtual scene - All of which adds to the illusion that the virtual characters exist within the cameras view.

Virtual Crew

  • Augmented Reality
  • Exhibit Components

Two augmented reality viewing stations bring NZL32 to life by superimposing its race winning crewmembers onto the deck. The system uses live camera input and allows the user to pan, tilt and lift the augmented view of the yacht and surrounding gallery. The use of a screen and armature causes the activity to be non exclusive so it can be viewed and explored by several visitors at the same time.